Wijgula management team: Egbert Schelhaas succeeds Thijs Aarten

21.12.2016 – Druten (NL). Thijs Aarten, the Managing Director of the Dutch tanker shipping company Wijgula, which operates under the umbrella of IMPERIAL Logistics International, went into retirement on 15 December. His successor will be Egbert Schelhaas (51), who takes over on 1 February 2017. Thus, from 1 February 2017 onwards the Management Board of Wijgula consists of Norbert Meixner and Egbert Schelhaas.

Thijs Aarten joined Wijgula from an auditing company in 1985 and was appointed its managing director ten years later. The 90-year-old tanker shipping business more than doubled its turnover, profits and the number of operating units under his leadership.

His successor Ebgert Schelhaas is also a financial expert and has gained profound experience in controlling, auditing and the financial management of various companies, including the building materials group CRH, Philips Lighting and ASML, a manufacturer of lithographic systems for the semi-conductor industry. Schelhaas is currently financial manager and a board member for the Humanitas children’s day care centres in the Netherlands.

IMPERIAL Logistics International has pooled the management of a fleet of 63 of its own and chartered double-hulled, inland waterway tanker vessels in the shipping company Wijgula, which was founded in 1922 and has its headquarters in the Dutch town of Druten an der Waal. These vessels can transport all the liquid products licenced for inland waterway operations.

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African company IMPERIAL Holdings Limited, IMPERIAL Logistics International is responsible for coordinating and managing all the international logistics business of IMPERIAL Holdings Limited outside Africa. The varied portfolio of services at IMPERIAL Logistics International, which has its headquarters in Duisburg, is separated into two divisions: the Group pools all its transport services in the Shipping, Road and Express Freight business units in the IMPERIAL Transport Solutions division. The IMPERIAL Supply Chain Solutions division covers all the services in the contract logistics, contract manufacturing and warehousing sectors for the Automotive, Industrial, Retail and Chemicals business units. Working together, both divisions provide a full and transparent range of services from one source along the complete supply chain. Beyond its pure logistics services, IMPERIAL Logistics International has also become established as a process consultant for third parties, a fleet manager for outside car fleets and a provider of insurance services related to particular sectors. IMPERIAL Logistics International employs more than 8,300 people and, including the new acquisition, Palletways, generates turnover amounting to EUR 1.6 billion at 170 business locations. www.imperial-international.com

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Thijs Aarten

Thijs Aarten

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Egbert Schelhaas
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