Integrity and faith –
Corporate Governance & Compliance

One of the absolutely key elements in our business relationships with our customers is the issue of trust. However, our customers and investors can only place their trust in us if we can rely on our employees and if we are certain about their integrity. After all, trust and integrity are two of the building blocks, without which we cannot do business – and we do not wish to either.

We have therefore set ourselves rules, which are firstly governed by laws and general legal standards, as part of our corporate governance and compliance framework. As a modern and trustworthy company and as an employer, however, we also want use these rules to give our employees a sense of security so that they know how to behave in any situation that they face.

We have developed our Code of Conduct in order to provide this security; it explains our standards for each employee in a transparent and binding manner. After all, the actions of our employees shape our company’s public image and form the basis for long-term success.

You can download the English version of our guidelines via the download element "GUIDELINES" on this page.

For other language versions, please follow this link.


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