Information Technology – goods and data synchronised

Information technology (IT) is the absolutely dominant factor in enabling us to successfully implement our customers’ transport and logistics concepts. Organising the flow of information has now become just as important for logistics companies as managing the flow of goods. Using our IT applications, which have been developed in-house, and suitable interfaces with our customers’ systems, we are ideally prepared to handle the growing complexity, volatility and dynamics in the world of logistics. Process management and information technology (IT) have grown together at our company. We combine the experience of our operational colleagues with the expertise of our IT specialists. The software developed by our IT experts forms the backbone of our management operations for flows of goods – without any paper, with rapid responses, flexibility and efficiency and without any errors.

Using applications (apps), which are easy to operate on mobile terminals, we involve all the parties that form part of the supply chain. As a result, we can achieve processes that are transparent and ideally synchronised in terms of time.

All the employees and customers and service providers involved are absolutely clear about the status of the consignment or the detailed key figures during the handling stages.

This forms the basis for steering all the processes in transport and warehouse management, production scheduling, accounting and reporting – and document management too. The intelligent dovetailing of different software applications and the high degree of associated automation, where new requirements and working stages are defined by the click of a mouse, make our processes more secure, faster, slimmer and practically error-free.

A summary of our IT expertise:

  • In-house development skills with a high degree of automation
  • Simple and seamless integration in customers’ existing ERP solutions (if required, with web portal and app solutions)
  • A good balance between standard SAP solutions and software products that have been developed in-house and are based on workflows
  • Our own IT solution quality framework
  • Maximum security standards for data, access authorisation and Systems

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