Our principles – this is what Imperial Logistics International stands for

We view ourselves as the leading organiser for smooth mobility services for both goods and data. We believe that it is essential to combine specialist knowledge, experience, intelligence, close contact with sectors and business acumen. We are setting trends in the worlds of logistics and transport with IT innovations, which make our customers successful. We feel bound to provide further training and uphold health and safety standards for our employees; we assist them and encourage them to never stop learning. Our managers act on the basis of obligatory guidelines, which they have laid down for themselves. We do not tolerate any discrimination or exclusion on the grounds of personal characteristics in our employees. We view diversity in character and culture as an asset.

We are very much driven by performance and do our very best to anticipate our customers’ future needs and adapt to them at an early stage. We are transparent and speak with one voice in a clear way to provide a predictable assessment of affairs. We express this principle through our company emblem. The edge line of a Moebius strip, which switches between the inside and the outside, but never ends, represents the transparent interaction between customers and us, between the company and us, between our own employees and us – i.e. between everybody with whom we maintain relations.

We seek to act fairly at all times. We rely on our integrity, which we demonstrate again and again on a daily basis. Despite our international orientation, Imperial Logistics International has its cultural roots in the Rhine/Ruhr region, because of the way that it developed in the past. We believe that our success is linked to the success of a society that is civil, enlightened, liberal and tolerant and offers good career prospects to coming generations. We always seek to provide the highest possible performance. Our customers have a choice and can measure us by our ability to offer excellent products and services.

Imperial Logistics International is the sum of many parts, thanks to the loyalty, cooperation and synergy effects arising from the flexible interaction of our Imperial Transport Solutions and Imperial Supply Chain Solutions divisions and the business units operating within them. We conduct our business in a responsible financial way and invest our capital efficiently. We ensure that any damaging effects on the environment are kept as low as possible. Imperial Logistics International is dominated by sound business practices through and through. We encourage each of our employees to take the initiative in business terms and we do all in our powers to explore completely new territory for the benefit of our customers.