Sustainability – economically and socially essential

As a logistics specialist with global operations, we have an obligation towards society and the environment to do business in a responsible manner. We are convinced that we can only create and safeguard permanently dynamic and profitable growth if profitability and activities, which conserve natural resources, go hand in hand.

As a transport and logistics company, the lion’s share of any adverse effects on the environment is caused by emissions related to transport operations. We have an obligation to play our part in reducing emissions that damage our climate. By using logistics and production services, which conserve resources to the greatest possible degree, we not only want to reduce our ecological footprint, but that of our customers too.

Our most important control lever for doing business in a manner that conserves resources is efficiency, which is the sum of many individual measures. This includes preventing any unnecessary traffic, optimising transport and logistics concepts and using economical drive technologies. We should not forget the opportunities for reducing the energy consumed by computer systems by using modern storage technology either. And wherever technology has reached its limits, operating measures like economical driving styles are used for truck and shipping operations, for example.

Using the group-wide Imperial Sustainability Management System (ISMS), we measure and log our energy consumption and emissions, which are relevant to our climate. The results flow into the group-wide sustainability report produced by our South African parent company, Imperial Holdings Ltd.

The fact that economic benefits emerge from all these measures is deliberate, for part of doing business in a sustainable way involves safeguarding our company for subsequent generations. And that will only work if we are profitable. This is the only way that the triad of ecological, economic and social sustainability will work properly.

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