Industry Expertise – knowing what needs to be done

Depending on the sector involved, the demands placed on the logistics specialist are extremely varied and often require very special expertise. If a logistics specialist says that it can do everything, you should at least be suspicious as a customer. Even we do not cover every conceivable area.

On the contrary, we focus on the sectors automotive, machinery and equipment, steel, retail & consumer goods and chemicals where we have the greatest expertise and experience – some of this caused by our company history. We have this experience particularly in highly complex logistics areas like chemical or automotive logistics with their extremely high process and quality standards. However – building on this existing expertise – we are also in a position to develop solutions for related or similarly complex sectors by efficiently transferring know-how within our organisation and therefore tapping into new markets and sectors. We develop integrated transport, supply chain and contract manufacturing concepts at the highest level to meet customer requirements within challenging sectors.

It is our goal and our promise to develop suitable transport concepts and solutions, which are as simple as possible for complex processes along your entire supply chain.