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The automotive sector has been one of the branches of business that has constantly continued to intensify the demands placed on logistics companies for many years; and it was also partly responsible for establishing innovative logistics concepts in the 1990s with the just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) principles for production supplies. We have been highly successful in this sector as an automotive logistics partner for almost exactly the same period of time.

The growing level of individualisation and the increasingly diverse sensor and network technologies in modern vehicles ensure that the demands placed on logistics operations will increase in future too. Well over 20,000 items already have to be brought together thanks to the variations in each vehicle – and the logistics specialist has to be able to manage this.

Reliable and efficient in-plant logistics

We feel at home managing these complex logistics processes! We have been a reliable, efficient and, above all, flexible partner for nearly all the major European automotive manufacturers for many years. Depending on customer requirements, we offer individual modules like in-plant logistics or naturally supply a complete package so that our customers no longer need to worry about whether they have efficient and reliable automotive logistics services at the highest level.

As a logistics specialist, we view our role as an active co-organiser. By staying in close contact with our customers, we try to introduce our experience and innovative ability in order to continually improve the logistics processes and actively demonstrate potential for optimisation.

It goes without saying that we also offer interested companies in the automotive supplier sector the same high standards for logistics processes.

Our services for the automotive sector:

  • JIT/JIS transport
  • In-plant transport services
  • Part and complete load traffic
  • Services between factories
  • Milk-run and hub-and-spoke Systems
  • Handling trailer yards
  • Shuttle Services
  • Consignment stock warehouses
  • Stock optimisation solutions
  • Consolidation centres
  • Logistics monitoring and benchmark systems
  • Operating automatic small parts warehouses
  • Order picking/sequencing
  • Global networking for warehouse stocks
  • In-plant logistics
  • Production supplies and disposal services
  • JIT/JIS transport deliveries to assembly and production lines
  • Initial processing/module pre-assembly work
  • Advice and planning
  • CKD handling
  • Managing empties and reverse logistics
  • Handling customs clearance and the origin of goods

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