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Machinery and equipment ensure movement and demand smooth production in a wide variety of sectors – whether this involves small gear wheels, complete industrial filling units or wind turbines. On the one hand, there are often high investment costs for the machines – and on the other, a very long serviceable life, during which the manufacturers have to maintain stocks of spare parts so that this movement does not come to a halt. If production comes to a standstill because of a faulty part, this can very quickly cost a fortune.

We assume responsibility for the complete logistics along the supply chain, including handling the spare parts logistics and the reverse logistics for our customers in the machinery and equipment sector, if required. Rapid response times, constant availability round the clock, 365 days a year, and global distribution services are the core elements in our spare parts logistics operations. Thanks to the design of our spare parts warehouses as multi-user bases, we can combine these services for our customers with significant cost benefits too.

In addition to spare parts logistics, we are also a reliable partner for heavy-duty and project logistics, construction site logistics or managing the transport operations to the site where your components will be installed.



Our services in the machinery and equipment sector:

  • Heavy-duty and project logistics
  • Push boat and dry transport operations to supply raw materials to factories and transport all kinds of bulk commodities
  • Coastal shipping
  • Transport services at home and abroad
  • Special traffic
  • Transport services within companies and works traffic
  • Freight forwarding for project loads
  • Managing the transport services as far as the site where the components will be installed
  • Managing multi-user spare parts warehouses
  • Stock optimisation solutions
  • Logistics monitoring and benchmark systems
  • Global networking of warehouse stocks
  • Handling customs services and the origin of goods
  • Order picking/sequencing
  • Construction site logistics
  • Set building of repair and and servicing kits
  • Packing and sub-assembly
  • Packaging
  • Pick-up of defective parts directly from the field e.g. for farmers equipment
  • Collection of parts photos and descriptions for online catalogues
  • Personnel services
  • Planning and consulting
  • Production supplies and disposal services
  • Industrial moves

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