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Steel logistics was part of our DNA right from the start. Right from the time when the company was founded, we have lived through the demands and challenges of the steel sector and actively helped shape the solutions. Coming from the steel sector, we know the steel market better than almost any other logistics specialist.

Our great experience and our deep knowledge of our customers’ market and goods enables us to find a solution for all the requirements of this sector. As a result of the intense competition in the global market and the marked volatility in volumes on the international steel markets, operators of steel logistics are only successful if they provide flexible solutions for their customers. Steel is a very versatile material and there are, for example, extremely precise requirements set for its storage, depending on its composition. For example, galvanised steel cannot be stored in an atmosphere that is not dry enough and, if the moisture level is too high, white rust will develop and it is then impossible to halt its progress.

As a result of our sector expertise, we combine the complete flows of materials with our logistics services – before, during and after production. The need to network with customers and include the logistics specialist in the customer’s production and processing operations is enormously important in the steel industry too.

Our services for the steel sector:

  • Heavy-duty and project logistics
  • Managing company ports
  • Push boat and dry transport operations to supply raw materials to factories and transport all kinds of bulk commodities
  • Coastal shipping
  • National and international transport services
  • Special traffic
  • Transport services within companies and works traffic
  • Freight forwarding for project loads
  • Managing preliminary and finished material warehouses, as stock consignment warehouses too
  • Logistics monitoring and benchmark systems
  • Global networking of warehouse stocks
  • Production supplies/production disposal services
  • Customs clearance
  • Packaging
  • Personnel services
  • Handling transport operations, including scheduling
  • Preparing transport documents

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