Imperial Sincero Automotive Logistics Co. Ltd.

Imperial Sincero (Shanghai) Automotive Logistics Co. Ltd. is a joint venture of the Imperial Group and the Chinese Sincero Group founded in 2017. 

Within this joint venture we integrated the automotive logistics experience and expertise of both shareholders.

Perfect synergies for automotive logistics in China

Both Sincero and Imperial have many years of automotive experience. While Sincero provides comprehensive infrastructure in China, such as warehouses, distribution centres and transport vehicles, Imperial contributes long-standing relationships with German automotive manufacturers to the joint venture. Imperial has been a leader in automotive logistics in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe for many years, especially when it comes to procurement logistics and plant supply logistics.

With this combination, Imperial Sincero Automotive Logistics is capable of logistically supporting customers of the automotive industry to the highest degree possible. Through know-how transfer on the basis of existing processes and customer relationships and deep knowledge of the Chinese market, Imperial Sincero Automotive Logistics offers competent and reliable concepts for automotive customers. That way, we facilitate the market entry in the attractive Chinese market.

China is the biggest automobile market worldwide

Just how attractive this market is can be proven by numbers. If just 6.8 million cars were sold in China in 2008, sales have almost quadrupled since then, with sales of 24.4 million vehicles recorded at the end of 2016. A fast-growing trend: Because despite the already rapid development in China, only 200 out of 1,000 Chinese people own cars. In Germany, it’s 572; in the USA, 797. This makes the most highly populated country in the world now by far the largest car market.

Our services for the automotive sector:

  • JIT/JIS transport
  • In-plant transport services
  • Part and complete load traffic
  • Services between factories
  • Milk-run and hub-and-spoke Systems
  • Handling trailer yards
  • Shuttle Services
  • Consignment stock warehouses
  • Stock optimisation solutions
  • Consolidation centres
  • Logistics monitoring and benchmark systems
  • Operating automatic small parts warehouses
  • Order picking/sequencing
  • Global networking for warehouse stocks
  • In-plant logistics
  • Production supplies and disposal services
  • JIT/JIS transport deliveries to assembly and production lines
  • Initial processing/module pre-assembly work
  • Advice and planning
  • CKD handling
  • Managing empties and reverse logistics
  • Handling customs clearance and the origin of goods


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