Imperial Logistics International supports aid organisations

12.02.2018 – Duisburg. The logistics specialist, Imperial Logistics International, once again supported schools and welfare institutions with monetary and material donations at the beginning of this year.

Thirty notebooks, which were second-hand, but in a good condition, went to the charitable organisation in Essen known as AfB GmbH (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung or Work for People with a Disability). The computers were processed there and passed on to the Pestalozzi School in Fürstenfeldbruck. Both organisations have benefited from this: the AfB secures jobs for people with disabilities when processing hardware that is in a good condition and the Pestalozzi School has obtained modern teaching tools that are as good as new.

Overall, EUR 15,000 was donated to the centres in Duisburg, Salzgitter and Dingolfing. “We very much appreciate the work of the aid organisations that we’ve supported and know that they alleviate the extreme situations that anybody can face unintentionally,” says Christine Ziegelmayer, Head of People Management at Imperial Logistics International, making her point forcefully. Ziegelmayer handed over a cheque for a donation of EUR 5,000 to Mechthild Schulten from the St. Raphael Children’s and Young People’s Hospice in Duisburg at the end of January. The young people’s hospice coordinates the psychosocial work of many full-time and voluntary members of staff in the Duisburg region. They support families who have to care for seriously ill children, some of them for an extended period. The donations cover, for example, services that the health insurance schemes will not pay for. 

Christian Lohmann, Managing Director of Imperial Steel Logistics GmbH, and Ronny Müller, Branch Manager of Imperial Chemical Transport GmbH in Salzgitter, also handed over EUR 5,000 to the SOS Mütterzentrum (SOF Mothers’ Centre) in Salzgitter, an open community centre where people from all generations can support each other in everyday matters. 

Ulrike Eckhart, Chairperson of Kinderkrebshilfe-Dingolfing-Landau-Landshut e.V. (Aid for Children Suffering from Cancer in Dingolfing, Landau, Landshut), received a visit in Dingolfing (Lower Bavaria) from René Bartels and Stuart Donnelly, the Business Location Managers at Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH in nearby Wallersdorf. They also handed over EUR 5,000, which will benefit families looking after children suffering from cancer. 

Imperial Logistics International

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African company Imperial Holdings Limited, Imperial Logistics International is responsible for coordinating and managing all the international logistics business of Imperial Holdings Limited outside Africa. The varied portfolio of services at Imperial Logistics International, which has its headquarters in Duisburg, is separated into two divisions: the Group pools all its transport services in the Shipping, Road and Express Freight business units in the Imperial Transport Solutions division. The Imperial Supply Chain Solutions division covers all the services in the contract logistics and warehousing sectors for the Automotive, Industrial, Retail & Consumer Goods and Chemicals business units. Working together, both divisions provide a full and transparent range of services from one source along the complete supply chain. Beyond its pure logistics services, Imperial Logistics International has also become established as a process consultant for third parties, a fleet manager for outside car fleets and a provider of insurance services related to particular sectors. Imperial Logistics International employs more than 9,000 people and, including the new acquisition, Palletways, generates turnover amounting to EUR 1.6 billion at 170 business locations. 

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Donation in Duisburg

“Duisburg” photo: Christine Ziegelmayer with Mechthild Schulten and Andrea Kleinefehn from the St. Raphael Children’s and Young People’s Hospice in Duisburg (from left). Photo: Imperial

Donation in Duisburg

Donation in Dingolfing

“Dingolfing” photo: René Bartels (right) and Stuart Donnelly from Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH in Wallersdorf with Ulrike Eckhart from the Aid for Children Suffering from Cancer in Dingolfing. Photo: Imperial

Donation in Dingolfing

Donation in Salzgitter

“Salzgitter” photo: Ronny Müller and Christian Lohmann from Imperial with Sabine Genther, Director of the SOS Mothers’ Centre in Salzgitter (from left). Photo: Imperial

Donation in Salzgitter
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