Imperial: new dangerous goods warehouse in Münster

26.06.2017 – Münster. Imperial Logistics International is launching operations at a new dangerous goods warehouse in Münster. 9,000 square metres of logistics, technical and office space are available at the new business location on the Hansa-BusinessPark near the A1/A43 motorways. Both the previous warehouse sites at the city port in Münster are being combined at the new site and closed.

The previous firm, Lehnkering, had been based at the city port in Münster for almost 100 years – initially as a handling, haulage and warehouse company. Lehnkering, now Imperial, constructed its first dangerous goods warehouse at the city port in 1986.

The new warehouse in Amelsbüren will provide space for about 17,000 pallets. This increases the storage capacity in the Münster region by several thousand pallet spaces. The safety concept, which reflects the latest technology, includes a fire alarm with smoke detectors for identifying fires quickly, an automatic sprinkler unit, a floor that is impervious to liquids, a permanent change of air and an IT-supported warehouse management system, which guarantees compliance with the regulations governing what cannot be stored together. The warehouse is designed for the following storage classes – 2B, 3, 4.1B, 4.2, 5.1A+B, 6.1A-D, 8A+B, 10-13 – according to TRGS 510 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances). Goods in water hazard classes (WGK) 1 – 3 are permissible.

Imperial is expanding its capabilities both in terms of its capacity and its range of additional services through the investment in a modern dangerous goods warehouse. Apart from classic warehouse and distribution logistics services, including a bonded warehouse and customs clearance, Imperial will offer customers in the chemical production and chemical trade sectors additional services like temperature controls, labelling, repackaging and the construction of displays at the new business location. Its address is: Deventer Strasse 10, 48163 Münster.

Imperial Logistics International 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African company Imperial Holdings Limited, Imperial Logistics International is responsible for coordinating and managing all the international logistics business of Imperial Holdings Limited outside Africa. The varied portfolio of services at Imperial Logistics International, which has its headquarters in Duisburg, is separated into two divisions: the Group pools all its transport services in the Shipping, Road and Express Freight business units in the Imperial Transport Solutions division. The Imperial Supply Chain Solutions division covers all the services in the contract logistics, contract manufacturing and warehousing sectors for the Automotive, Industrial, Retail and Chemicals business units. Working together, both divisions provide a full and transparent range of services from one source along the complete supply chain. Beyond its pure logistics services, Imperial Logistics International has also become established as a process consultant for third parties, a fleet manager for outside car fleets and a provider of insurance services related to particular sectors. Imperial Logistics International employs more than 9,000 people and, including the new acquisition, Palletways, generates turnover amounting to EUR 1.6 billion at 170 business locations. 

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New dangerous goods warehouse in Muenster launches operations

Celebrating the completion of the new dangerous goods warehouse in Muenster (from left): Dietmar Nunne (Kögel + Nunne Bau), Dr. Thomas Robbers (Wirtschaftsförderung Münster), Carsten Taucke (CEO), Henning Bosch (Imperial Supply Chain Solutions), Stephan Dalbeck (Immobilienentwickler Verdion) und Michael Pohl (Imperial Chemical Logistics).

New dangerous goods warehouse in Muenster launches operations

Opening celebration in Münster

Nearly 200 guests celebrate the opening of the new hazardous cargo warehouse in Münster-Amelsbüren. Photo credit: Imperial

Opening celebration in Münster
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