Contract Manufacturing – neutral, reliable and safe production

We have not only been a reliable partner for the chemical industry as a logistics specialist for many years. Our aim is to generate value added for our customers and therefore go one step further than others. As a neutral chemical contract manufacturing partner for the chemical industry, we have had many decades of experience in synthesis, formulation and packaging, particularly for fine, special and agricultural chemicals. We have expanded our five business locations in Germany and the USA and turned them into centres of expertise for chemical contract manufacturing over the years; they offer an extensive portfolio of production services to our customers in the chemical industry along the entire value added chain.

Using extremely modern production facilities, highly qualified personnel and a great deal of flexibility, we offer highly individual concepts for manufacturing, processing and packaging your goods.
Whether you need an individual service or a complete solution – we continually create value added for our customers in the field of synthesis, formulation, packaging, raw material sourcing and other additional services and give them the freedom to focus on their core expertise.

More than just the sum of the parts

We synthesise organic compounds at our own facilities and assume responsibility for the ongoing process engineering work. Thanks to modern multi-purpose synthesis plants with a variety of units and reactors, we are able to handle a broad range of types of reactions for our customers. Our chemists and process engineers develop convenient reaction paths for your products and transfer them from the synthesis laboratory via the synthesis pilot plant right to a commercial scale at our multi-purpose synthesis plants.

Our synthesis services:

  • Scaling-up synthesis pathways
  • Experimenting at the technical pilot plant (producing up to several tonnes)
  • Process engineering treatment of the synthesis products and basic operations like mixing, dissolving, distilling, rectification, centrifuging, extracting, separating solids and liquids, drying and flaking or pastillising
  • Two multi-purpose synthesis plants with permits for various types of reactions: reactor volumes between 1 and 10 m³, temperature management from -15 to +240 °C, reactions possible under pressure or in a vacuum, various synthesis stages, which can be used in a flexible way, for multi-stage and parallel reactions and other equipment at the synthesis plants like rectification columns, centrifuges, dryers (filter dryer, paddle dryer), cooling conveyors
  • Synthesis pilot plant with a reactor volume from 250 to 1,000 litres
  • Laboratories with the latest equipment

Making your recipe a success

Regardless of whether you need products that are in liquid, powder or granulated form – as a neutral production services partner, we formulate active substances for pesticides, biocides, additives and many other chemical products on your behalf. Our highly qualified employees, modern equipment and our quality assurance programme guarantee that your active substances leave our factories as quality products that are ready for use after our formulation work. We maintain our neutrality at all times and do not provide any evidence that our company has been involved in the process.

Our range of services also includes grinding solid substances and mixing solid, liquid and paste-like materials at low and high temperatures and in an inert atmosphere.

Our formulation services:

  • Formulating and grinding solid substances (micronising, wet and dry grinding)
  • Producing extruder, Schugi and spray dried granulates
  • Formulating suspension concentrates on an aqueous basis
  • Formulating combustible substances containing solvents (in an explosion-proof atmosphere)
  • Mixing solid and liquid substances
  • In addition to our formulation work: compacting, pelletising and drying
  • Twin-dome/basket extruders
  • Compacting units
  • Air jet mills: spiral and counter jet mills
  • Mechanical mills for dry grinding, in a nitrogen atmosphere too
  • Mechanical mills for wet grinding, optionally combined with mixing vessels made of stainless steel, enamel or plastic for liquid/liquid and liquid/solid mixing
  • Units for drying products (also under vacuum) that contain flammable solvents

A question of dosage

We are available to provide support for filling and packaging your products in the correct packaging sizes too. We can fulfil almost any customer requirement and handle any packaging size for solid or liquid substances – with packaging facilities between 200 milligrammes and 500 kilogrammes for solid substances and filling containers between 2 millilitres and 1,000 litres. We can also handle filling operations for toxic or other dangerous substances at our semi and fully automatic filling machines; and we are your partner for special packaging too – e.g. water-soluble film or low-melting bags. Furthermore, we are able to handle filling operations in explosion-proof conditions or in nitrogen.

Our complete range of services in the field of packaging not only includes providing advice on the selection of the latest and most suitable packaging materials, but also procuring the packaging and labelling. All we need from you is the label layout or the typeface for the packaging that you require.

Our range of services culminates in the field of repackaging. This includes emptying old receptacles and repackaging and labelling them or alternatively disposing of them in a professional manner.

Our packaging services:

  • Packaging for liquids: bags, bottles, canisters, barrels, IBCs, tank containers, road tankers, railway tank wagons
  • Packaging for solid substances: bags, boxes, cans, bottles, canisters, buckets, sacks, cartons, drums, big bags
  • Special packages: water-soluble bags, low-melting bags
  • Preparing/procuring labels and packages
  • Special repackaging: special/shuttle containers
  • Repackaging: emptying old receptacles and repackaging, relabelling or disposing of them

Top quality from the outset

Our raw material services are very often the first kind of service that we provide in the field of our production operations. We promptly procure raw materials and active ingredients, supply them with the required quality levels and volumes or process them at our plants to provide the desired intermediate or final product. Our top priority is neutrality, of course.

This means that we process all our job orders with discretion and are exclusively committed to satisfying our customers. Our enormous wealth of experience as a production services company for chemical products and the associated global network of reliable partners provides you with the security that all the raw materials, which we source and process, will meet your highest quality standards.

Our raw material services:

  • Sourcing raw materials and active ingredients for chemical products on behalf of customers
  • Regular quality checks on our foreign partners
  • Processing and refining the raw materials at our works
  • Formulation, packaging, providing intermediate storage and organising the transport services for your products as a full-service package
  • Taking over responsibility for the entire supply chain management in conjunction with other logistics company departments within our group

Evolution through innovation

We make great use of your innovative skills and our own at our laboratories and our technical centre, which have the latest equipment. For example, our process engineers and chemists develop, test and analyse a variety of products in line with your specifications. We also work closely with leading research institutes and universities. It goes without saying that the protection of your intellectual property is crucial in our neutral business activities. We support you too when it comes to the issue of product safety. For example, we always work in accordance with the REACH Regulation and can prepare the required safety data sheets for you at any time.

Our development services:

  • Synthesis development specialising in alcoholysis, amidation, amination, cyclisation, decarboxylation, hydroxylation, isomerisation, condensation, oxidation, reduction, esterification, saponification
  • Formulation development for the following types: dispersions/suspensions (water- and oil-based), solutions, granules, powder, microencapsulation 
  • Scaling up from the laboratory to series production and adapting the processes to the equipment that is available
  • Product safety (REACH, preparing safety data sheets)

So that you are not rejected as unfit

Sometimes people need to get to know a product in order to be convinced of its properties. That is why we offer our customers in the chemical industry a particularly effective sample dispatch service from one source by combining our specialist warehouse capacity for dangerous substances and our experience in filling the smallest receptacles.

We fill the sample amounts into the dispatch packaging, which is required by the customer and which we have procured, and then store them properly so that they can be dispatched at short notice. We also handle the dispatch services around the world simply, quickly and in a cost-effective way. For example, our samples reach their destination within Germany in no more than 24 hours. We remain completely invisible to the recipients.

Our services for samples:

  • Completing your sample shipment with a package information sheet, safety data sheet etc.
  • Shipping your samples several times a day
  • Disposing of any expired quantities of samples
  • Separate storage for individual customers
  • IT-controlled sample management

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