Outbound Logistics –
the business card for customers

How do the items produced reach consumers in the most efficient way and still meet the service expectations of the recipient? Outbound logistics deals with this issue, among others. Outbound logistics has a special character for us as a logistics service provider, as it has two customer relationships, in some respects: on the one hand, the shipper of the goods is our direct customer. We operate distribution centres on its behalf.  On the other hand, we as the logistics Service Provider are to a certain extent the business card for the production or retail company, because we deliver goods directly to the consumers of its ordering party.

It is unimportant whether finished goods, commodities or spare parts leave our warehouse. The employees at our distribution warehouses often have very close contact with the ordering party’s final consumers. Modern outbound logistics operations therefore include a marketing aspect, which should not be underestimated, and this demands a high degree of customer and service orientation on the part of the logistics personnel in both directions (towards the shipper and the recipient).

This is why we are continually checking our logistics processes and working towards being able to present our customers (i.e. the shippers) with new and innovative logistics solutions across all our defined industry sectors, which bear the hallmark of service right to the final consumer. Modern outbound logistics therefore not only requires absolute reliability and speed, but also a high degree of flexibility and a strong degree of service orientation. We combine efficiency and service orientation at our distribution centres, which are often designed as multi-user sites, to form a complete package that satisfies almost every need. In the process, we have developed special expertise in the field of spare parts logistics for the machinery and equipment sector.

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