Procurement Logistics – sourcing items in line with needs

Modern logistics involves managing flows of goods and information. Using our procurement concepts, we ensure reliable long-term planning work and cost efficiency for our customers. We optimise our customers’ supplies with raw and auxiliary materials and operating supplies, purchased parts or commercial goods at the interface between the supplier’s warehouse and our customers’ procurement warehouse.

Whether the automotive, steel or chemical industry or the retail & consumer goods sector is involved, to create the best possible procurement logistics concept it is essential not to view the sourcing process in isolation. The logistics service provider has to take in account the reciprocal effects with processes upstream or downstream - and not just in the customer's own business.

Any decisions made in the customer’s procurement warehouse, may, for example have an effect on the suppliers’ processes, which may lead to price increases, higher transport costs or something similar. With our inbound logistics, we take care of all these issues.

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