Road Transport –
flexible and fleet-footed

Trucks are still the most important mode of transport and especially the most flexible one in the European market place. Thanks to constant technical improvements in tractor units and trailers (lightweight trailers etc.), training courses for professional drivers to encourage economical driving styles and concepts like long trucks, it is possible to meet the wide variety of customers’ requirements with truck transport services.

Developing these suitable concepts is the passion of our colleagues in the Road Transport department. We have been solving our customers’ transport challenges for many years by providing very varied transport services. We particularly focus on the requirements from customers in the automotive, machinery and equipment, retail, consumer goods and steel sectors.
We also provide tank transport services for the chemical industry, for example, and they demand special equipment.

Our Road Transport services:

  • Sourcing parts according to the milk-run system
  • Shuttle services across Europe
  • Handling trailer yards
  • In-plant transport services and works traffic
  • Domestic and international part and complete loads
  • JIT and JIS traffic
  • Sector solutions
  • Transport permit for all EU countries
  • Fleet of own company vehicles
  • Leasing tractor units and Trailers (only in the context of transport contracts)
  • GPS monitoring

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