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We are the leading inland waterway shipping company in Europe with more than 600 company and chartered shipping units. We are at home on Europe’s rivers for you and we have even been operating in the Hidrovia Paraguay-Paraná  (South America) river basin since 2012. We transport about 60 million tonnes of dry and liquid bulk goods for our customers on board our inland waterway vessels every year. We maintain a specialist fleet of chemical and gas tankers to transport chemicals and gases liquefied under pressure.

But our services do not end at the seaport. We offer you the suitable solution – whether this involves short sea shipping or intercontinental deep sea shipping operations!

Volume plus quality

When shipping dry goods, we manage to transport dry bulk commodities and break bulk cargo and consignments from the project and heavy-duty logistics sectors, including ongoing services in the field of handling, storage and the pick-up and final delivery runs for the goods that are in transit.

Our services for shipping dry goods:

  • Our own motor vessel fleet
  • A fleet of subcontractor owner-operators with >200 units
  • One of the largest push-boat fleets in Europe
  • Specialising in transporting coal and ores, metals and steel products, heavy goods, cereals and fertilizers and timber products
  • Geographical coverage: the whole river Rhine area, including its tributaries and canals, France, Benelux countries and countries bordering on the rivers Main/Danube
  • Tailor-made transport concepts for the South American waterway Hidrovía Paraguay-Paraná (HPP)

We also develop modern and efficient logistics solutions, especially for the requirements of the steel, aluminium and power station industries and for the plant construction sector. Using our own equipment, we enable our customers to meet the increase in requirements for logistics operations and guarantee continual supplies of raw materials in line with needs.

Reliable and safe, even under pressure

With our own fleet of 17 special inland waterway gas tanker vessels, we are one of the few providers in Europe that are able to transport gases liquefied under pressure up to an operating pressure of 15.8 bar in a safe and reliable manner. In order to meet the increasing demands of our discerning customers in the chemical and petro-chemical industries in the gas tank shipping sector, we are continually investing in the modernisation and expansion of our efficient gas tank shipping fleet. Two new vessels joined the fleet in 2013, for example, and two other new ships will further rejuvenate the fleet in 2016 too.

The core element of our success story, which has continued for more than forty years in this highly sensitive sector, is not only highly specialist equipment, but the high qualifications obtained by our personnel, both for chartering work and on board the vessels.  We are one of the few inland waterway shipping companies, which are certified according to the TMSA level 2 status safety regime.

Our services for shipping liquefied gases:

  • More than 40 years of experience in transporting gas products liquefied under pressure
  • Special tankers ranging from 1,280 m3 to 2,850 m3
  • Able to transport propane, butane, propylene, propylene oxide, but-1-ene, butadiene, ammonia, raffinate 1+2, crude C4 and any products with an operating pressure of no more than 15.8 bar
  • Geographical coverage: Germany, France, Benelux countries and Danube Region

Concepts flowing from a single source

We also offer a wide range of solutions for transporting dangerous liquid goods. With a fleet of 60 vessels, we are one of the leading inland waterway tank shipping companies and meet the requirements of our customers in the metal industry, the chemical industry – and in the trading sector too. In addition to transporting acids or alkalis, we can quite naturally transport non-hazardous goods too. We have had more than 90 years of experience in transporting liquid commodities.

We offer the highest degree of transport safety and reliability by providing outstanding initial and further training for our employees and operating a modern fleet, which has nothing but double-skinned tankers.

Our services in the tanker shipping sector:

  • More than 90 years of experience in transporting liquids
  • 60 tankers designed to meet a wide variety of requirements; a wide range of tank designs – e.g. stainless steel, mild steel, with a coating, rubber and plastic
  • Transporting acids (e.g. sulphuric acid), alkalis (e.g. sodium hydroxide solution) and non-hazardous goods

For short lines of communication in Europe and around the globe

We offer you many transport services by sea, with international and intercontinental services too.
With AMADEUS Schiffahrts- und Speditions GmbH, we can handle your short sea transport requirements by using sea-going or coastal vessels or organise your transport wishes from “door-to-door” using intermodal solutions – e.g. by combining inland waterway/sea-going shipping or combined transport.

We have been proving that our inland waterway concepts are ideal outside Europe too in South America since 2012. Our push boat convoys with a payload capacity of 36,000 tonnes each (three push barges in four rows behind each other) cover 2,700 kilometres during one trip in the Hidrovía Paraguay-Paraná (HPP) river basin, which is 3,400 kilometres long and flows through Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. We provide services for the steel and mining industries, among others, in the countries bordering the river basin.

We can also handle your global transport needs for shipping bulk commodities. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience of our partner Brouwer Shipping & Chartering GmbH, excellent contacts and a global network, our shipping brokers have the suitable vessel for your consignment and the suitable consignment for your ship.

Our special shipping services particularly focus on the constantly changing requirements for transport logistics for the machinery and equipment sector and handling logistics for the steel sector. Our experienced and highly motivated employees have been continually developing flexible and creative solutions for our customers in these sectors for many years and they perfectly match our customers’ needs.  For example, we take over the running of company ports and therefore guarantee that supplies of raw and auxiliary materials are available without any problems.

Our international transport services by sea/inland waterway:

  • Direct river/sea traffic to and from many inland waterway ports and canal staging points
  • Short-sea transport operations from Scandinavia and Great Britain as far as North Africa
  • Heavy goods/project loads using our own RoRo heavy-duty pontoons
  • Ideal contacts with shippers and shipping companies and brokers
  • Scheduling our own vessels and ship management
  • Extensive transport planning operations, taking into account economic and ecological issues
  • Efficient inland waterway transport concepts in South America (Hidrovía Paraguay-Paraná)
  • Managing company ports
  • Handling the following within the Buss IMPERIAL Logistics GmbH & Co. KG joint venture: fine and lump ores, pellets, coal/coke, minerals, aggregates and finished products
  • More than 50 years of experience in transporting bulk commodities round the globe
  • Specialising in bulk goods like steel, scrap metal, coal, ore, feedstuffs and cereals
  • Different operations for global transport operations: break bulk cargo, consolidated and full containers, part loads on scheduled shipping services, conventional ship’s loads, RoRo and barge shipments, full and part charter services and all-in-one solutions
  • An extensive network of partners for chartering freight space round the globe 

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